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Welcome to The Harvest Hunters!

My name is Roselyn, and I am a Marketing Professional from Toronto, Ontario. Over the past year, I have been trying to do several different things to keep myself busy. Besides working my full-time job from home for the past 13 months, I have moved, completed three online certificate program, drove around the province of Ontario (a lot), learned to cook, and have taken up many new hobbies (many of which were not very long lived). I know each person reading this can relate, though their way to pass the time might have looked a little different. However, one thing I KNOW we all did this year to pass the time was eat.

Coming from an Italian background, food has always been a big part of my life. I was raised to treat every meal as an event - something I am grateful for and have made a conscious effort to carry on throughout my life. This year, however, it has become infinitely more clear to me how important good food is. When food is one of the few things I have looked forward to each day through this pandemic, you better be damn sure that my meals will be delicious. And believe me, you are lucky to have not been around me if this was not the case.

That is why, I want to make it my mission to discover and promote places where people like myself can find truly fresh and affordable food including produce, meats, oils, etc. The Harvest Hunters is a platform to do just that. Together with my best friend Christina, we will be searching for and visiting farms and farmer’s markets, and sharing our findings - starting in Ontario, and then going just about anywhere else we can! I hope you find great benefit from this platform, and are able to utilize what you see on The Harvest Hunters to fill your fridge with deliciousness. From there, I am confident you can change the way you approach every meal, too! Salute!

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