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Weekend Market


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Our mission is to find and promote fresh food and food experiences that are accessible to everyone. Though our main goal is to explore farms and farmer's market (starting with Ontario, then going wherever the wind takes us), we also want to tap into the minds of other food aficionados. Therefore, we have grouped our main targets.

Harvest Honourables:
Farms that grow, harvest and sell their own products, Farmer's Markets that bring together vendors who do the same, as well as Vineyards and Garden Centres. Our Harvest Honourables utilize unique farming practices, allowing them to provide truly fresh products at unmatched quality. We identify fresh products as anything from organic produce, to grape plantation, to free-run poultry and grass-fed cattle.
Cuisine Creators:
Restaurants, food makers, and cuisine providers who source fresh products to create food and food experiences. These cuisine QUEENS (and kings) are the poster children for #FreshIsBest, highlighting insane taste while never lacking on style points.

Authentic Agents:
Food specialists  and specialty food vendors who curate collections of fresh and authentic foods from producers, and sell to the public creating an experience that is true to the cuisine they are representing. We identify these experiences as  specialty markets and green-grocery stores. 

Nutrition Ninjas:
Nutrition experts who study and teach the benefits of fresh, quality food. Our Nutrition Ninjas guide us on how to incorporate these foods into our lives, and how to curate a lifestyle around fresh and healthy practices.

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